Lexschool Certified Compliance Professional Course


The corporate world is full of opportunities. Along with opportunities comes responsibility – responsibility of compliance. Failing to meet all compliance can result in serious consequences for a company. It not only makes the company vulnerable to lawsuits and fines, but may even lead to dissolving the company entirely

It is this complexity of multiple laws that has also resulted in a steep increase in demand for legal professionals who can understand applicability of laws, interpret provisions, capture and implement real-time compliances.

We at Lexschool understand this gap and aim to bridge it. The course offers a unique advantage to law graduates to manage the company’s Legal and Compliance risk. The LCCP Course aims at providing quality trained professionals to corporates who can seamlessly implement successful corporate compliance management programs

The course has been specially designed for law graduates to gain in-depth knowledge of legal compliances. After completing this course, law graduates can:

  • Identify laws and compliances applicable to any company
  • Capture compliances from legislations and prepare compliance checklists
  • Design, develop and implement robust compliance program

This course acts as a bridge to :-

  • Enter in-house corporate compliance teams to manage their legal and compliance risk
  • Get meaningful employment in compliance consultancy firms and law firms
  • Provide training and consultation to companies on legal compliances

The Course is a perfect fit for :-

  • Law students
  • Law graduates
  • Company Secretaries
  • Internal Auditors
  • Other Compliance professionals

  • ­Concept of Compliance and its Evolution
  • ­Regulatory Reporting of Compliance (India and Global perspective)
  • ­Challenges faced by companies in compliance
  • Top Laws applicable to Companies
  • ­Determining applicability and key compliances of Corporate, Labour Laws, Environment and Safety Laws, Regulatory and Commercial Laws
  • ­Preparing compliance checklists - Overview & Practice Session
  • ­Capturing changes in laws/ legal updates
  • ­Audit of Compliances
  • ­Designing robust Compliance Program – Important components
  • ­IT enabled Compliance Management Systems
  • ­Concept of GRC
  • ­Common Interview Questions

  • ­Legal professional who have experience and expertise in corporate compliances


The enrollee will be evaluated based on two Project Assignments, which would test the analytical understanding of the topics covered.

The most intriguing aspect of the evaluation process is the time flexibility it affords. You can choose to undergo the evaluation process as and when you are ready for the same.

To be eligible to receive a certificate after successful completion of the course, one is required to secure an overall minimum of 40 percent in the Project Assignments.


Certificate of Completion shall be issued by Lexschool

Eligibility (Who can apply)
  • ­­Law students
  • ­­Law graduates
  • ­­Company Secretaries
  • ­Internal Auditors
  • ­Other Compliance professionals

Batch size – 50 each
Duration – 1 months
Classes – 6 hours a week
Fess : INR 10,000 + Taxes