Think Beyond Regular Litigation | Lawyers in Corporate World

Think Beyond Regular Litigation | Lawyers in Corporate World


Understanding corporate law ecosystem, perks and challenges along with prospects as a corporate lawyer.

“Lawyers” - the first thing our mind triggers - a person who practices law, argues in front of a judge, and win or lose cases in a court. Law has always been an attractive profession for lots of passionate people with good money in the industry.

With the rise of corporations in India, it has provided tremendous opportunities for corporate law professionals in India and across the globe, however, it is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of a corporate lawyer and the scope of pursuing a career as a corporate law professional.

Various profile for corporate lawyers

A corporate lawyer is a professional responsible for legally managing business decisions - who engage with a company or a law firm providing services to various industries such as information technology, infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, food & related products, financial services, automobile, aviation, consumer products, telecommunications, etc.

A corporate lawyer handles client of a company facing any legal charges concerning business activities of a company, tax-related issues, employee relations, contract management, contract drafting and negotiating with different types of agreements, providing regulatory, compliances solutions, due diligence exercises, legal compliance, document review, IPR (Intellectual Property Right) and many more.

Post joining the company, they will provide a specific designation to the employee such as Legal Counsel, Legal associate, Contract Manager, Legal advisor, etc. based on the hierarchy of the company and your experience.


You can be hired by a business firm or a big MNC at a good salary package. The initial salary package just like any other professional course depends on your skills and the college from which you graduate. In the beginning, you may not get the monthly salary in five figures but given the opportunities in the market and your skillset, you can grow at a decent pace.

Work environment

For each employee, the company provides a dedicated workplace, work timing may differ as per the nature of work and business requirements. Besides, many companies follow flexible work timing - employees can work from remote, work from home, and provide ample facilities like gym, recreational zones, dedicated food court, etc. In India, corporate lawyers work 40-45 hours weekly (i.e. 5 days a week). Also, they get public holidays, earned leave, and sick leave, etc. as per the company policy.