Country Specific Training Modules

Opportunities in the corporate world go beyond limits and borders. While it is lucrative to expand the business overseas, alongwith opportunities also comes responsibility – responsibility of compliance. Ignorance of law and thereby failing to meet all compliance can result in serious consequences for a company. It not only makes the company vulnerable to lawsuits and fines, but may even lead to dissolving the company entirely.

While we are well-versed with the Indian legislations, it is this ignorance of international laws that instills uncertainty and dependency in us. Dependency of compliance on an international legal firm to whom we pay a hefty sum does in no way assure us of not missing any compliance.

In an era where it is costlier to manage non-compliance than follow the law, it is imperative that Companies need to safeguard their interest and protect themselves from such penalties and prosecution.

We at Lexschool understand this gap and aim to bridge it. The Lexschool Corporate Training Center, using its extensive domain knowledge and legal expertise has developed training modules on “Doing Business - International Compliances across the Globe” providing quality training to seamlessly establish and operate business in foreign countries,

The exhaustive Training provides the organization with the following benefits:

  • Effective Knowledge Transfer on key compliances under various corporate, commercial, labour, environmental and regulatory laws
  • Reduced dependency on foreign law firms
  • Better control on compliances
  • Cost-effective
  • One-time investment
  • Confidence to handle legal matters oversees
  • Reduced litigation, lawsuits and fines