If one wants to work for and achieve justice, right and freedom of another individual, then Litigation is the right career choice.It not only gives one scope of interpretation and exploring various facets of law but  also allows a person to work with liberty in their own space.

Litigation is a satisfying career where the outcome of long legal battles can result in monetary benefit, property or any other performance benefit to a client and these results can often change the life of an individual.

That said, litigation is also a challenging and difficult profession that consumes a lot of time and pays very little until one sets-up their own practise which needs to be established. The struggle in establishing oneself is real and it may take some time for clients to recognise the dedication and have confidence to give cases. After the struggle of consistently proving oneself there is no stopping in terms of money or clients.This is one profession which keeps a person ever busy and one need not go in search of work as it comes to your door steps.


Pre-requisites to enter into Litigation:-

In order to enter into litigation, one -

  • Has to be a Law graduate
  • Appear for All India Bar exam, qualifying which a Bar Licence is given that makes one  eligible to appear in any Court in India.
  • Should be fluent and have command on English language as the language in the Courts in India is English.One should also be conversant with the regional language of the High Court in one’s own State
  • Should have strong analytical mind, ability to think quick, willingness to constantly update self and the capacity to work hard
  • Should possess good drafting skills
  • Should possess audacious and oratory skills


In addition to the skill set mentioned above, another important pre-requisite of choosing litigation as a career, is having patience which becomes primary in litigation because of the long waiting hours in court till the matter is reached. After long waiting hours, the matter may or may not reach in the same day and may get postponed to the next day. It may also happen that if the judge gets stuck in a matter for long hours the only option one has is to sit back and keep waiting. After all this hectic day of waiting and arguing there comes the challenge to again prepare for the next days cases and this happens mostly in the evenings after the court and the day may go up to late in the night preparing for the next day -making it an endless everyday routine for the lawyer.


Pros and Cons of Litigation as a Career Option



  • One can implement the knowledge gained to build a strong case irrespective of the loopholes in the case, display the skills learnt to convince the judge by using ones intellect of logic, research, reason and wit which may not be possible in other professions.
  • Litigation is one area in which different flavours of the profession can be tasted. One can practise civil, criminal or commercial.It gives a person scope to work in the zone of their interest and choice rather than working in any other profession where specific work is imposed and is expected to be done irrespective of one’s interest.
  • Litigation allows one to have spice and variety in life because no two disputes are the same and very often minute differences in each dispute makes a lot of difference thus not allowing monotony to creep in.
  • Litigation allows one to grow as a person in life as it introduces a diverse clientele, different people with different mindsets and different problems which may be life changing to few or may be just a revenge to win over the other.
  • The thrill and freedom the profession offers of being on one’s own adds vigour to life.



  • One must be prepared for a struggle ranging from the first few years to additional 5-10 years which would inevitably be tough even for people entering litigation through professional families. It is the willingness to work in these years of struggle  that results in glory in the years to come.
  • Litigation as a career is not as glamorous as it sounds and shown in movies, it needs a lot of patience and commitment. A typical day for a Lawyer starts early in the morning beginning with preparing court lists, find out matters and which court they are listed in, prioritize the matters based on the stage of the case and number in the case sheet and how important it is to be present in the said matter. This skill of effectively managing all the above is an art which comes only with years of experience.
  • The gestation period the profession takes is long. A fresh graduate starts their career as a junior and has to undergo a rough road and learn the traits of the profession only after which a hand on experience is gained and people start recognizing the work. The pay scale also is very low initially as a junior unless one is lucky to get into a very big size law firm which pay a huge handsome salary. The small and midcap law firms pay a very less amount to juniors but the advantage of working with them is a vast experience of work not getting stuck in single aspect and this gives scope for a person to find out his interest and get specialized in the field. After gaining sufficient experience and expertise, good network of clientele and a little recognition of work one can set up their own firm or office allowing them to reap very good monetary benefit.

To sum up litigation is definitely a commendable career option for those who can follow the an old saying “Slow and Steady wins the race”- Consistent, effective effort leads to success.