Annual Training Program On Legal For Non-Legal

Why legal training for all employees

We understand that a lot of litigation and legal problems initiate when employees across the organisation, with different functional expertise, are ignorant of law or misinterpret it.

In an era where it is costlier to manage non-compliance than follow the law, it is imperative that Companies need to safeguard their interest and protect themselves from such penalties and prosecution.

Compliance can no longer be left solely to the legal department. Executives, management and employees in every department need to play an active role in establishing, protecting and monitoring compliances and suspected wrongdoing.

While a compliance tool effectively handles periodic compliances by giving reminders and alerts, there are a few sensitive areas of law where compliance can only be ensured when the employees are sensitized of the importance and seriousness of compliance and what can be the impact of non-compliance on the organisation.

Employees are more likely to be compliant if they understand that compliance can become a competitive advantage when implemented in the correct spirit. Only an effective trained employee can understand how compliance risks are embedded into individual role and day-to-day functioning.

It is only when their mindsets change, can the organisation create a culture of compliance.

How can we help

We at Lexschool, use our extensive domain knowledge and legal expertise to train all the employees in your organisation using an exhaustive activity based, practical job oriented training methodology.

We believe a culture of compliance cannot be created in a single day by disseminating subject knowledge using lectures. It is an ongoing exercise which is build block by block. Hence, our impactful trainings are spread out in a phased manner over a year.

Post Training Deliverables
  • ­The employees will have absolute clarity on the concepts of the topics as detailed in the Training Topics.
  • ­The employees will be able to clearly demarcate on what is to be done and what not for the compliance of the law.
  • ­The employees will understand the impact of non-compliance.
  • ­The employees will be motivated and encouraged to voluntarily comply with the said legislations.
  • ­The trainings will build a compliance eco-system in the organisation

Training Topics:

The Training focusses on the following critical aspects of law:

  1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  2. Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  3. Whistle Blower
  4. Insider Trading
  5. Social Media Usage
  6. Legal aspects while Dealing with Vendors and Contractors
  7. Negotiations
  8. Contract Management for Non-Legal
  9. Protecting Company's IPR
  10. Understanding Corporate Restructuring
  11. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  12. Anti-Money Laundering
  13. Preventing Financial Crime
  14. Diversity and Inclusion
  15. Detecting and Preventing Fraud
  16. Global Competition Law
  17. Preventing Market Abuse
  18. General Data Protection Regulation
  19. Code of Conduct
  20. Delegation of Authority

The Training Topics shall be updated as and when there is an amendment in law or new Legislation is introduced.

Mode of Delivery:
Total Trainings in the Calendar Year12
Training per month1
Physical Trainings in the Company’s premises3
Trainings using the Lexschool Learning Platform9